Copy: Kelli Ryder


Today, were visiting the laid-back (yet overwhelmingly luxurious) home of Angel and Tom, a pair of entrepreneurs living in Brentwood, CA. As owners of Nadeau Furnitureand the popular Los Angeles ramen restaurant Tatsu, the couple has a strong sense of style… but not a ton of spare time. Naturally, they turned to Katherine Carter Design, for help. 

We were so in love with this space, we just had to chat with Katherine Carter, the designer who brought the space to life. “They wanted a place that truly felt like home, and wanted to incorporate a lot of family photos from their travels throughout the home.” Katherine says. She continues, “I did just that and they were thrilled with the results!”

Using quality silk rugs, down bedding, fresh paint, and style-conscious furniture, Katherine brought comfort into every corner. She also never let her discerning eye falter. “I chose pieces that wouldn’t feel dated and they could appreciate for years to come!”

While we’re loving the layered living room, and are impressed by the fact she made even a game room seem chic… what really caught our eye was the serene master bedroom. “Angel and Tom wanted a soft, luxurious, airy feel in their master bedroom,” Katherine says. “I pulled inspiration from their world travels and incorporated pieces that would complement their eclectic taste. I wanted to make the room a place that was functional yet felt like they were on vacation even when they were at home.”

For us? It’s a vacation just looking at the pictures. We love all of the carefully placed details and the seemingly contrasting aesthetics that merge together famously. To recreate a similar look in your home, follow Katherine’s tips below-

1. Do your research and get a feel for the kind of style aesthetic you like. You don’t have to copy or do what others do. This is your home and you can have it anyway you wish! Pull inspiration from a favorite place you’ve traveled. You’ll know it’s right when it’s not only visually stimulating, but a feeling you get deep in your gut!

2. Don’t be afraid of color and patterns! Even the most neutral spaces can benefit from a burst of contrast- it will add dimension to an otherwise flat space. 

3. Invest in high quality pieces that you can have with you forever. Think of your home decor as an investment!

4. You don’t have to stick to one specific style. Feel free to mix it up! In this case, I fused contemporary with French.

5. If you have a garden or pool area, adding plants and creating succulent arrangements can be an effective way to change the look and feel. Have fun when choosing pots or hanging planters, and choose color and textures that complement one another.